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Thursday, 5 September 2013

my missing mother Ruth Hoffman (Found) Murdered

My Mom who has been missing since 1986 Ruth Sharon Hoffman and I have spent the last 26 years trying to find my beautiful Mother, well I have been threw hell and back and my life has not been the same without her matter of fact it has been hell and I have been in the news more times then anyone should ever have to go threw but life is life and things happen and I am right in the middle of writing my true life story' when I got a phone call from the new detective on my mom's case' he said they might have found her but he needs my DNA to find out for sure? so I went back to Michigan to meet with him but I stopped at my daughter's house cuz that's where I was gonna stay for a week and within the first hour I feel out and my daughter couldn't wake me/ so she called 911 and I was DOA so they revived me and I was in a coma for 18 hours, they are still puzzled on what happened but yes now I am in heart failure, congested & diastolic heart failure, but he came to the hospital and got the dna and 4 weeks after I came back home he called and yes that was my missing mother but she wasn't missing no more' now my mother was found dead (Murdered) in 1986 so now I need time to grieve but the news has already found out so to all the people who helped me with my mother I want to thank them before they hear it first on the news, they have contacted me but told them that my Cousin Shelly Hoffman will be handling everything including picking her up, so everyone who has been asking how I am doing is why I am writing this and all the wonderful people that helped me with my mom I want you to hear this from me first so Ruth Hoffman missing from River Rouge Michigan in 1986 has been found (Murdered) if you have any leads or anything that the police need to know direct your information to Shelly Hoffman she is in my facebook family she is handling everything legally by my choice to be buried by her brother Bobby Hoffman Shelly's Dad my Uncle, or contact Ken Muskat at the wayne county sheriff's office in Michigan, sorry but this will be the one and only comment and this is just for the great friends who I feel deserve to hear it from me, Hugs Deb.