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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Life as I knew it before my Mom Disapeared & yes one more death Cherie Locklear

  • Angelina, I normally just write and the people that are following me is the ones that I am conformable with reading my life story but for some reason I wanted and needed you to read it?? I usually go with my gut on things like this and leave it at that and I don;t know why it was important to me to have you and Bev read it but mainly YOU!! I don't question why when the feeling is this strong I just trust in my gut and in Jesus yea alot of stuff is gonna come out that I didn;t want to come out like when my Mom & Dad prayed for 6 years to have a baby not just a baby a baby girl and the docs said no way my Ma's baby carriage was not probably equipped to carry a child it was impossible but the strain of trying so long took a toll on there marriage and they got divorced. my Mom was working at a factory making pretty good money and she applied at a local bar where she met Roger Lindon and they became real close friends and after a few dates they were married and we moved into a 1/4 million dollar home beautiful just absolutely beautiful , he had no children and was 11 years younger then my Mom and my Mom was totally honest about not being able to have children, having me almost killed her and she had to have a total hysterectomy . and he wanted a son his own son adoption was out of the question and money was no issue for this Man.
  • Angelina Brooks
    Angelina Brooks

    When I finish dinner I will reply back to you; with a smile...
  • Deb Hall
    Deb Hall

    so he meet this woman who feel in love with his money so yep she became pregnant with his son and when I turned 9 years old before the woman became pregnant he would come into my room to break me in for his brain storm well if my wife can;t give me a son well the daughter can and he said if I told my Mom I would break her heart and she could really get hurt?? he showed me the two guns he carried on his side and one on his ankle so I knew at that point I couldn't tell my Mother so when I turned 13 my Mom found out he was in the Mob so she packed up our stuff and took the camero he bought her and we left, My Mom did anything in the world to keep me happy , I was her princess and to this day I never told her and Thank God I didn;t get Pg but that woman did!! so my Mom had a friend in Michigan which we moved in with ma's friend until we got our own place, Today I found out my cousin died in her sleep last nite so this book will be put on hold for a couple of weeks and I just found out Kristine Knowlton is gonna hekp me write and promote my story and my goal is to help just one person and if I can help more then great, hoping to grieve and get right back to writing my book, R,I,P Cherie Hoffman, bare with me while I try to get over one more heartbreak and there is alot more andf thank you for anyone and everyone reading my true life story, my Momma was/is my world and life as I knew it was gone for good. part 2 coming up in 1 week, sincerely Debbie Molitor.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Letting some info out I been keeping secret for years how bad I was beat wondering if this has to do with my Mom?

This was my responce to someone on  and I have never thought this had anything to do with my Mom missing but now that I found out she was murdered this might be connected??? I have yet to see someone as beat as I was and live!!! No Deanna she didn't work there or she never went out that way?? someone must have put her in that shirt but the fact that is River Rouge Police kept lying to me over the years and something I never told no one about is 4 years after I would not stop trying to get them to put a missing report on her cuz state police or the FBI wouldn't take her case until it went thru the channels meaning RR PD had to make a report first but btw after 4 years I had just got re married & on that nite we got robbed ( I thought) but I got beat with baseball bats by two black men and it almost killed me which they were clearly tried but after a half hour of beating me busting my head open in 3 different places my husband at the time ran but he threw a bring from outside and busted the window which I was sitting right in front of the window & the brick put the next hole in my head but they got scared and ran so that brick saved my life and now to find out my Mom was murdered!! was this to kill me too?? or shut me up?? but it did keep me into having Spedo Tumor Cerebri which I have had 37 shunts put in my head and back, side, and tummy. been having sooo many of these surgeries and now wondering if it was my life they wanted because they could have stolen more then just cash and who stays to beat someone that bad and for at least a half hour and my daughter was down stairs the whole time hearing her Mother scream for my life, wow the lack of police help really almost cost me my life as well & sometimes I wished they would have.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mothers Are Vanishing: Ruth Sharon Hoffman

Mothers Are Vanishing: Ruth Sharon Hoffman

Ruth Sharon Hoffman

Ruth, (my Mother, Ruth Sharon Hoffman) was a wonderful woman, who got dealt a bad hand early off in life.

She took that bad hand and turned it into a royal flush. Her mom had 11 children and had to put most of them into foster care..

My mom was one of the first ones to get out of foster care and get a job. Then she met my dad and they instantly fell in love. They were married within two months. Then, they worked together getting her siblings out of foster care..

They took them (her siblings) one by one until they could find a job and an apartment. My mom has done so much good in her life..

Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She was always helping someone, even people she did not know. This woman had a voice like an angel, and even taught herself how to play the piano..

This is only the beginning of the story written by a daughter who has been searching for her mother over 20 years. The questions are never answered and the hurt continues.

This case is probably the poster case for change in the way law enforcement handles missing adult cases.

When Ruth came home the night of June 29, 1986, battered and raped, she took a bath, changed clothes and told her daughter, Debbie, she was going for a walk. She was naturally upset by what happened to her and vowed not to let "them" get away with what they had done to her. That was the last time anyone has seen Ruth Sharon Hoffman.

Debbie did it all right, she reported her mother missing, only to be told to wait a week and come back. She followed the direction given to her by law enforcement to a tee. She called and called to learn of the progress in the case, until they told her to stop bugging them. She took it in stride and believed they were working on the investigation.

Debbie plastered her missing mother all over the internet. Message boards, blogs, Myspace pages, anywhere and everywhere she talked about her missing mother. She hired private detectives to help move the case along.

October, 2004....Debbie and her husband asked to see the file on Ruth Sharon Hoffman's investigation. There was no case file, there was no missing person's report, there was no listing in data bases. In 2005 she formally filed another missing person's report only to find the detective had been removed from the case and told to find a cold case detective.

This story is the story of everything gone wrong. Debbie has suffered not only in loosing her mother, but physically as well. She vowed to never stop looking and to bring this case to justice. She has suffered more setbacks than should be allowed in her quest, yet she, and now her daughter Tasha continue to keep the search alive.

The procedures and legislation for missing adults has to change and be enforced. Yes, those who are family members of the missing have to take on part of the responsibility of this, but ultimately it falls to our law enforcement agencies to follow the procedures correctly. Time is of the essence when someone goes missing and now it has been almost 22 years for Ruth Sharon Hoffman. She may be out there somewhere, but it's getting late.
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