Monday, 21 October 2013

Letting some info out I been keeping secret for years how bad I was beat wondering if this has to do with my Mom?

This was my responce to someone on  and I have never thought this had anything to do with my Mom missing but now that I found out she was murdered this might be connected??? I have yet to see someone as beat as I was and live!!! No Deanna she didn't work there or she never went out that way?? someone must have put her in that shirt but the fact that is River Rouge Police kept lying to me over the years and something I never told no one about is 4 years after I would not stop trying to get them to put a missing report on her cuz state police or the FBI wouldn't take her case until it went thru the channels meaning RR PD had to make a report first but btw after 4 years I had just got re married & on that nite we got robbed ( I thought) but I got beat with baseball bats by two black men and it almost killed me which they were clearly tried but after a half hour of beating me busting my head open in 3 different places my husband at the time ran but he threw a bring from outside and busted the window which I was sitting right in front of the window & the brick put the next hole in my head but they got scared and ran so that brick saved my life and now to find out my Mom was murdered!! was this to kill me too?? or shut me up?? but it did keep me into having Spedo Tumor Cerebri which I have had 37 shunts put in my head and back, side, and tummy. been having sooo many of these surgeries and now wondering if it was my life they wanted because they could have stolen more then just cash and who stays to beat someone that bad and for at least a half hour and my daughter was down stairs the whole time hearing her Mother scream for my life, wow the lack of police help really almost cost me my life as well & sometimes I wished they would have.

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