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Saturday, 27 October 2012

This is a real life story (mine) I have finally decided to write the book they been wanting me too with the big help from my publisher, I'm not a writer so this will be the short verzion but you will get the picture.

I grew up on a farm and loved life to the fullest i started young having my own family i was a mother at 16 married at 18 life was great until one day when i was 23 my mother my best friend came up missing my world come crashing down and life as i knew it would never be the same, so i went on a personal mission to find my mom got her on americas most wanted well her story all the way to her pics on the side of nascars (Ruth Hoffman)full story on amw.
But anyways i went out bought the best internet at the time and put her all over the net and i of course got divorced and remarried during this heartache, I stumbled across and thought hmmm i wonder if i can put her face here but instead i found support for myself and so many people that cared and i met a man called sr dark knight aka Mickey Molitor and we were friends for awhile until we talked about meeting so he came to michigan to see me we feel in love and i moved to iowa with him.
I was awaiting my divorce to a mean man so we could get married we finally got married and 90 days after we were married this man my husband died in my arms(law jones obit's/Mickey Molitor)my world was once again turned upside down and i had about given up but my mother in law begged me not to leave cuz of our nephews Patrick Molitor 2 and Tyler Molitor 6 so i said i would stay a little longer then one night about oh God i can't even remember we were going to bed and i heard my sis in law scream Deb get out the house is on fire and our room was in the back of the house so i went to let my dog out and she done a 180 and came from behind me and knocked me out the door.I couldn't get back in cuz the door was red hotttt and i thought they went out the front (housefire claims four clinton Iowa) they all died that night.
So i knew this was it life was over i was beat i had given up i couldn't deal with nothing and i was saying goodbye to my best friend Shadow aka Shawn Monsinger and yes i cut my wrist and he talked to me for hours trying to get me to hang in there that God had something planned for me and needless to say God wtf and he sent me a link that grade school kids wrote on twitter why would God take this ladys family and i couldn't have them kids think that so i wrapped my arm up went to the e.r and got my arm stiched and Shawn told me to come to canada and when i got here we looked into each others eyes and feel so deeply in love and he ask me to honor him and be his wife of course that was a year after but the moral of this true story gave me two great loves and im so deeply in love and i owe it all to baby j and scrapper, people life is what you make it no matter what there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, thank you for reading my life story stay tuned for the book.
Sincerally Deborah Lynn Monsinger (Molitor)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Brand new start for us

Time to take charge of my life & hold on 2 the most beautiful gift I have ever been given, my dear husband, time to make things right and be the person I know I can be, I can't let life bring me down and i certainly will not let it bring my hero down ( my hubby) I know I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for this beautiful man and it's time I showed him just what he means to me and I refuse to let anyone come between our marriage, I have always ran when things got really bad but I been looking at this whole situation threw someone else s glasses, this time my feet are planted and the only place I am running in right into his arms, he has had so much patience thru out this nightmare and most of you that know me know my story and what happened just two years ago but my husband has shown me I can pull myself out of this rutt and make a beautiful life for us, so today is the first day of my new life with my biggest supporter and best friend my husband, he makes me want to be a better person and for that I will spend my life showing him just how much he means to me and I admire him for his great qualitys, yes I am truly blessed and know with my family back in my life it's a whole new start, so thank you my love of my life, I was born to love this man now it's time he felt that from his wife, God knows how much this man has done for me and my darling hold on to your shorts your getting a brand new wife like you deserve, you are the love of my life♥ love you my precious precious husband you are the only one for me.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Part 4

So this bring us to after the beating, well the ambulance took about a half hour this was Detroit mich so they were very busy, so they rushed me to like a clinic place because all the emergency rooms were packed it was the weekend but they were always packed at night, as I set there all full of blood everywhere my head was busted in 3 differen't places by the men and one place from the brick that my husband at the time tossed at the window to scare them and thank God cuz it did, that's probally what saved my life I have no doubt on that one, cuz when he was beating me I kept seeing all the blood on the ceiling and I said to him your gonna kill me and he kept beating, but that started my journey of hospitals and tests omg very painful tests and over 300 spinal taps to relieve the pressure off of my head, then they knew it was time to start putting shunts in and I said what are shunts, well they are tubes to drain the fluid, so every few months the head pain would come right back and I knew in my heart here we go again with another surgery, the messed up part for my daughter to spend time with her mom she had to stay weeks in the hospital with me just to see her mom, thats when I was getting to the point I was at like 32 surgeries and I knew when it was time the tell tell signs and after 37 of them and still sooo much pain I always know when I need one, do I need one know YES but will I get one NO, I am done no more shunts for me let the cards lye where lye and know there has been new medical issues do they have anything to do with the beating Yes I am sure of it but I don't have it in me to have anymore surgeries all together I have had 46 and I am done, Ok I am starting from the begining of my life when I was molested by my step dad and what seem to set my life for heartache and it still isn't right, do I feel cursed YES very much so I am afraid everything I touch or get close to die's and it keeps happening so of course I feel that way, I hope counseling which I am in now for the first time will help me put all this hell behind me and I can move on with my new husband of two years and be happy for once, damn everyone deserves to be happy I think?? stay tuned from me starting from scratch I left alot out due to famiy reading this but I have to let it all out to heal, thank everyone who is following me and reading my story it means alot to me, and if you think you can't make it just read my story I have been beat, raped, everyone around me dead, and I am still hanging on so stay strong you can do it, Debbie Monsinger.