Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Brand new start for us

Time to take charge of my life & hold on 2 the most beautiful gift I have ever been given, my dear husband, time to make things right and be the person I know I can be, I can't let life bring me down and i certainly will not let it bring my hero down ( my hubby) I know I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for this beautiful man and it's time I showed him just what he means to me and I refuse to let anyone come between our marriage, I have always ran when things got really bad but I been looking at this whole situation threw someone else s glasses, this time my feet are planted and the only place I am running in right into his arms, he has had so much patience thru out this nightmare and most of you that know me know my story and what happened just two years ago but my husband has shown me I can pull myself out of this rutt and make a beautiful life for us, so today is the first day of my new life with my biggest supporter and best friend my husband, he makes me want to be a better person and for that I will spend my life showing him just how much he means to me and I admire him for his great qualitys, yes I am truly blessed and know with my family back in my life it's a whole new start, so thank you my love of my life, I was born to love this man now it's time he felt that from his wife, God knows how much this man has done for me and my darling hold on to your shorts your getting a brand new wife like you deserve, you are the love of my life♥ love you my precious precious husband you are the only one for me.

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