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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

School family mourns deaths in Clinton house fire

School family mourns deaths in Clinton house fire

Tyler was such a special young boy and so sensitive that when he came home from school after his Uncle Mickey Died  ( My Hubby) he would come back into our room to check on me and I remember one day being especially hard and I wouldn't come out of my room very often at all and I think it was shock still and it was about a month after he died, and my mother in law Francine came in to talk to me cuz I planned on going back to Michigan but she set me down and talked to me by telling me the boys just lost there Uncle that they can't lose there Auntie too, so of course I said I would stay but I was a hot mess and didn't know what good I could do the boys, then this little Angel (Tyler( came in my room and told me.. Aunt Deb you don't have to worry because I am your husband now and I will take care of you and at that moment I knew I made the right decision to stay wow what my heart was feeling at the time, Deb Molitor.

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