Tuesday, 4 September 2012

links from the news ex to my story

Ok people are asking for links to my true life story yea some people think its to un real well God I wished it was (tears) so here are a few links

my late hubby died 2 months before our fatal housefire he wasn't even sick he had a blood clot in his lung and he came home from getting my bp meds and told me to call a ambulance that he was dying and by the time they got there he died in my arms which will all be in my book & blogs.


Our fatal housefire 2 months later that claimed 4 of my in laws that were my family and I loved them to pieces and yes 2 of them were my nephews 3 and 6 and soon as I figure out how to put up pics I will, im just upset that I have to put these up because some people don't believe all of this could happen to one person grrrr,


my missing mom who I have been serching for 4 years,


so there ya go you cold hearted couple of people and for the most of you your wonderful people and God bless you all.

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