Thursday, 2 August 2012

Way to much death & heartbreak for one person

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This is a real life story (mine) I have finally decided to write the book they been wanting me too with the big help from my publisher, I'm not a writer so this will be the short version but you will get the picture.

I grew up on a farm and loved life to the fullest i started young having my own family i was a mother at 16 married at 18 life was great until one day when i was 23 my mother my best friend came up missing my world come crashing down and life as i knew it would never be the same, so i went on a personal mission to find my mom got her on Americas most wanted well her story all the way to her pics on the side of nascars (Ruth Hoffman)full story on amw.
But anyways i went out bought the best internet at the time and put her all over the net and i of course got divorced and remarried during this heartache, I stumbled across and thought hmmm i wonder if i can put her face here but instead i found support for myself and so many people that cared and i met a man called sr dark knight aka Mickey Molitor and we were friends for awhile until we talked about meeting so he came to michigan to see me we fell in love and i moved to Iowa with him.
I was awaiting my divorce to a mean man so we could get married we finally got married and 90 days after we were married this man my husband died in my arms(law jones obit's/Mickey Molitor)my world was once again turned upside down and i had about given up but my mother in law begged me not to leave cuz of our nephews Patrick Molitor 2 and Tyler Molitor 6 so i said i would stay a little longer then one night about oh God i can't even remember we were going to bed and i heard my sis in law scream Deb get out the house is on fire and our room was in the back of the house so i went to let my dog out and she done a 180 and came from behind me and knocked me out the door.I couldn't get back in cuz the door was red hotttt and i thought they went out the front (house-fire claims four Clinton Iowa) they all died that night.
So i knew this was it life was over i was beat i had given up i couldn't deal with no more pain and i was saying goodbye to my best friend Shadow aka Shawn Monsinger and yes i tried to take my Life until a sign from God happened so Shawn talked to me for hours trying to get me to hang in there and he sent me a link that grade school kids wrote on twitter saying why would God take this lady's family and i couldn't have them kids think that so i wrapped my arm up went to the e.r and got my arm stitched and Shawn told me to come to Canada and and once again being the runner like I always did when I was badly hurt I would run so Canada here I come.. and he ask me to honor him and be his wife of course I accepted thinking this must be my new destiny and that was a year after but  people life is what you make it no matter what life has to go on and God has a plan for all of us.. I don't know my destiny yet?? I am single now and starting Life all over but I have four months to finish my Book and I will come back here and update and fix alot of Typos and wrong dates  , thank you for reading my  online Bio on my life story stay tuned for the book.
Sincerely Deborah Lynn Monsinger (Molitor)

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