Monday, 27 August 2012

From the beginning of my life part 2

Oh wow did I cut loose, from a small town girl hits big city taylor michigan not far from detroit but it was the only friend my om could trust to not say where we were and he (my stepdad ) didnt know her ( my mom's friend ) so there was a arcade right down the street from where we were staying until my mom found a job and we got our own place, well I met all kinds of kids around my age and I was hanging around a group of kids going to the arcade every weekend and there was one guy that would not quit asking me out and I kept saying noooo well this went on for about a year then I caved and we started dating and by the time I turned 15 one night it went to far and yep I was pregnant omg my mom flipped out but it was what it was she said so we started planning for the baby and at 15 I guess  I was ore grown up then most my age so I thought I was ready I guess at that age we know it all but we don't!!!

So she let him move in which blew my mind but I was happy and excited and scared at the same time but I knew I had my mom no matter what but had no idea of what motherhood was all about but I found out real quick, which I was a very good mom and so in love with my child but my life as a teen was over no more fun no more nothing, but after awhile I learned I could take her to the beach with me and stuff like that, so when we were 19 we got married and life was good until?? he picked up drinking omg did he and we had moved and got our own place and my mom re-married herself since her life was on hold till my life was on track, we stay together for about 8 years and the last 3 years where hell, he was starting to excuse me of cheating on him and then when he was drunk he would knock me across the room and that was just not gonna happen I came from what felt like prison at times to another prison I wasn't allowed to go no where or have my friends over and if I did I got my ass beat, so I talked to my mom and of course she came and helped me pack. to be continued on part 2.

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