Monday, 27 August 2012

From the beginning of my life

This is from the start to Finnish.

My mother and Father were told they could never have children there was something wrong with my mom but my parents firmly believed in the Lord and the power of prayer , so for six years they payed and prayed and then they got the great news they were pregnant they told me that was the happiest day of there life and the saddest my mother had told my daddy she wanted a divorce (sad) the toll of trying to have a baby drained there marriage, so they got divorced when i was six weeks old but I never felt cheated they both got re-married and I spent time with both of them, I had the best mom and dad a person could have.

Over the years we lived in middletown ohio and I have half brothers and sisters which I spent alot of time with my little sister Kelly Hall we are three years apart in our age, and I was so happy so full of life and such a happy kid even though my mother was married to a real prick sorry but he was so mean but always so good to her and he was only mean to me when she wasn't around and of course I didn't want to tell her because she was so happy and other things were going on between him and I which I am not willing to talk about just yet and for my safety I think that's best he is involved in something real big which my mom didn't find out until i was 13 and when she found out she packed up the car and told me in the middle of the night to wake up we are leaving, and of course I knew deep down my mom must have found out what he was doing to me or something serious so I got up and got in the car with my mom.

Well we drove for a few hours then arrived at her friends house lorrraine and I crawled in a bed and went back to sleep,   when I woke up my mom set me down and told me that she found a bunch of baby cannons in the Attic and she said she asked him about them then he told her what he was involved in and my mom knew that was no life for a teenager to be around, so I remember hugging my mom and telling her I as sorry but I was thinking to myself thank God were out of there, even though she was happy and it was a dream house but I was never allowed any friends over at all ever but never understood why?? so since I was under a roof where the only thing I was allowed to do was go see my dad so you can imagine how much I cut loose when we were free or I was free. to be continued .  

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